Diabetes is not a verdict!

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Since ancient times people used plants to cure various diseases.

They contain a number of substances that have a positive effect on human health

Having combined the necessary materials together we have got the medicine that helps the organism to cope with the illness. Vedanate is a nutritional supplement for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. This product contains only natural ingredients with no artificial food coloring, flavors and preservatives. Vedanate’s action is aimed at reducing the blood sugar level.

It minimizes blood sugar level in treatment diabetes

For several years we have been exploring the market of herbal products that help people to overcome a variety of diseases

Including type 2 diabetes

We have conducted numerous tests and investigations of these products and have found out that Vedanate is one of the best products on the market for reducing blood glucose level and supporting people with diabetes.

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Professionals about Vedanate and treatment diabetes

Vedanate is a unique arrangement of plant ingredients that help to reduce blood sugar level in treatment diabetes. I observe a positive dynamics of reducing my patient’s blood sugar level.

Experts about diabetes treatment by Vedanate Vedanate table for diabetics

Regular taking of Vedanate improves general health and stimulates the immune system. I recommend this product therefore as a food supplement to people suffering from type 2 diabetes

I've always been a supporter of medicine made from natural ingredients.

Vedanate and diabetics

Especially when it comes to diabetes treatment, for which a healthy and natural diet plays an important role. Regular eating, being on a healthy diet are key actions aimed at reducing blood glucose.

I recommend Vedanate to my patients. Improvement of their well-being after a course of Vedanate therapy is the best evidence of its effect.

Type 2 diabetes and Vedanate
  • Regular taking of food and diet are the main aspects aimed at reducing of blood glucose.
  • Improving the condition after a course of therapy is the best evidence of Vedanate’s effect.

Reviews of people

Helping people suffering from diabetes is our main goal. And we are pleased to see them smiling and happy!

Diabetes story


When I was diagnosed with diabetes, it sounded like a verdict to me. You begin to understand that bound of the disease and can't do anything with it. Everything that was previously permissible in an instant it became taboo, and it terrified me.

But I found a way to live as before. Vedanate gave me health and strength!

Diabetics life story


In our family it is not accepted to speak about diabetes. My son still does not know about my illness.

Vedanate helps me be in the best shape!

Life with diabetes


To live as before is a dream for a person who suffers from diabetes.

I found a method that brought me back to my previous life!


We have developed a set of measures that will help you to forget about diabetes and live a normal life.

Vedanate herbal supplement Natural ingredients in Vedanate

2 capsules of Vedanate should be taken three times a day - after breakfast, lunch and dinner with a glass of warm water.

Research Laboratory Dhanvantary Herbochem PVT, which is located in India, has developed a unique combination of the medicine, based exclusively on natural ingredients, without synthetic additives and coloring agents.

Attention! Before using Vedanate you should consult with your doctor

You should not take Vedanate if you:

  • have an allergy to any component of the drug
  • stick to a special diet, recommended for you by your physician
  • suffer from excessive loss of body water (dehydration)
  • are taking synthetic medications for diabetes
  • have experienced loss of consciousness or a diabetic coma
  • have a fever or general malaise
  • take insulin
  • have problems with liver and kidneys
  • have a heart disease
  • are pregnant
  • are nursing mother
  • have problems with blood circulation, leading to cramps in the calves or leg ulcers that do not heal

Side effects

Any nutritional supplement can have side effects. Vedanate doesn't contain any artificial ingredients and is generally well tolerated. We have not identified any cases of side effects in diabetes treatment.

! This product is recommended for people with type 2 diabetes

Endocrinologists recommends

  • Follow regular meal schedule
  • Do not eat immediately after training
  • Do not overeat
  • If you take insulin, take snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body
  • Exclude long breaks between meals
  • Add fresh vegetables and salads to your diet
  • 20 minutes of brisk walk after dinner enhances the effect of Vedanate